Ellen Langer:  The Tyranny of Rules
Mary Ruefle:  Metaphor
Picasso:  Art Washes Away
William H. Glass:  The True Alchemists
Susan Sontag:  Writing is a Series of Permissions
Henry Ward Beecher:  Where You Dip Your Brush
Ellen Langer:  Less Perfect, More Pleasing
Jean de La Bryuere:  Pleasure of Criticizing
David Lynch:  Where the Ideas Are Leading You
Michelangelo:  Beautiful Thing
Robert Frost:  How a Poem Finds Its Own Name
Max Eastman:  What the Artist Cherishes
udre Lorde:  Poetry is a Bridge
Edgar Degas:  Not What You See
George Braque:  With Age
Dorothy Parker:  The Disciplined Eye
Paul Gauguin:  In Order to See
August Rodin: To Tremble
Joan Miro: Conceived with Fire
Albert Einstein: Creativity
Jerzy Kosinski: Not to Portray
Roy Adzak: Art Is Not What It Looks Like
Daniel Wallace: A Storyteller Makes Things Up
George Inness: True Use of Art
Rita Mae Brown: Because Women Are Beautiful
Erin Morgenstern: Taking Up Residence in Someone’s Soul
Brandon Sanderson: Purpose of the Storyteller
Jeanette Winterson: Who Happens to Love Women
Alan Moore: Artists Use Lies to Tell the Truth
Gustave Flaubert: Be Orderly. . . So You May Be Violent
Doris Lessing: Fiction Makes a Better Job of the Truth
Bob Brendle: What Art Won’t Ask
Leo Tolstoy: One of Two Stories


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