Heavens Worth Their Hells – Mantra Part IV

Yesterday I was growing light in my secret garden. Today I am just thinking about all the people I have loved so dearly and deeply—some people feel sorry for me because I have never married (though it delights me when my mother points out I have also never been divorced). I have had and continue to have a beautiful life. All the people I have loved in whatever kind of relationship have been a heaven unto themselves, and there have been so many. And even when the heaven is followed by a hell of heartbreak, they were no less heaven. And both the heavens and hells have carved out beautiful sculptures and painted gorgeous scenes on the interior walls of my soul. . . they continue to feed me with their beauty and to color all my present and future relationships, too. My heart is full. My life is full of love. My mourning has been turned to dancing. Those who love me are many, and they will celebrate with me.

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